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Welcome to the Tip Repository Welcome to the Tip Repository

The tip repository is a place where tips can be more easily found to answer every day questions.  Though it will be heavily populated by computer and technology questions being an offshoot of our Panther Computers business, we can see this growing to be a source for everyone to use.


The problem in technology, and in many other areas of our lives is that the internet has grown into such a behemoth that finding simple tid bits of information can be like negotiating with a Djinni.  If you dont ask the question correctly you wont find the answer easy to find.  Worse still with blogging and user comments you may have to dig miles down to find your golden nugget. 


As an example the computer world has made finding something as simple as searching for a file name to verify if it is a virus or not into a major undertaking.  With hijackthis logs on thousands of sites and other sites copying those sites, you can spend hours on this task. 


Finding fixes to common and uncommon problems often makes you pull your hair out while reading knee jerk reactions, repeatative advice that didnt work several posts above, and other such frustrations.  Panther computers has collected, discovered, and created many fixes for every day problems in computers and will be sharing that knowledge here.


The Tipositry is in its fledgling state and like all newborns will have some growing pains as we try different things and approaches.  Feel free to send us your thoughts on how we can improve.  This is a passive activity at this point, so realize its is informational, and not support.  You can submit questions, but the answers will only come as time permits, so if you're in a hurry and the answer isnt already here, you'll need to look elsewhere.


If you have tips to share let us know we will evaluate and publish tips on any topic

2012-03-16 23:40

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