How can I retrieve data from My Passport backup drive?

Until recently most backup drives, USB hard drives, used standard desktop (3.5 inch) or notebook (2.5 inch) hard drives in a case with an adapter board.  Most non drop related problems occur with the USB adapter and you once could disassemble the unit, and hook it up to a computer to retrieve your data.  You could also place the drive, if good, into another generic external case to continue using it as a back up drive.  Western Digital now makes the My Passport hard drive with a card that has only a USB connection as seen in the attached photo.  The only way to get data from a dead USB drive of this kind is through a data recovery center such as Seagate or Ontrack.  Our advice, don't pay Western Digital to retrieve your data. or better yet avoid them all together.

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2011-11-02 20:40
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