My internet stopped working after installing IE 7 or IE8

Internet Explorer 7 was full of problems that linger long after the inital install and subsequent over installing of IE8.  Many systems get slow and buggy after either has been installed.  The answer is to eradicate IE7 from you machine, but this isnt always easy to do.

First if you havent installed IE8 over IE7, don't.  Go to Add Remove programs in Control Panel and uninstall IE 7.  This wil return you to IE6.  Reboot the machine and then install IE8.  You should be fine then.

If IE8 has been installed on top of IE7, uninstall IE8.  Go to Add Remove programs in Control Panel and uninstall IE8.  This wil return you to IE7.  Reboot the machine and then uninstall IE7.  In most cases you wont see IE7 in Add Remove Programs.  You will need to go to (this is windows explorer) "My Computer", go into the root drive (usually c:), then into the Windows directory (c:\windows). 

From here you have two possibilities:

  1. If you can see the address bar at the top of your windows explorer it should be showing your drive (c:\windows).  If so click there and hit the END button to ensure you aren't highlighting the existing text and add \IE7 to the end of the line and hit enter.  It should look like c:\windows\ie7\ You should see a folder and many files.  Enter into the folder spuninst (C:\WINDOWS\ie7\spuninst) and run the uninstall program spuninst.exe.  If its not there you will need download it here.
  2. If the address bar can't be seen you will need to turn on "Show Hidden Files and Folders"

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